Effect of phytotherapy (Punica granatum L) on rabbits Oryctolagus cuniculus exposed to solvent xylene


  • Mouna Bendjeddou Laboratoire de science naturel et matériaux mila.algérie
  • Bakli Sabrina




Solvents have become a major threat to humanity, Xylene is one of the most used solvents in everyday life despite its toxicity, it had been used in many important products of human daily life such as paint, varnish, and many other products, but, there is what God created in nature "the pomegranate" which had considered among the most beneficial of medicinal plants. This work is based on the study of the remedial effect of pomegranate on the harmful effect of Xylene on certain reproductive parameters in rabbits of the species Oryctolagus Cuniculus. For four consecutive weeks, some rabbits received one dose of Xylene (0.5 ml/Kg), other rabbits received the same dose of Xylene and one dose of the juice of pomegranate (1ml/Kg) and controls received nothing. Our experience is based on the study of the weight of the reproductive organs: the testes and the epididymis, the study of the parameters of male fertility, and a histological study. The results show changes in the weight of the organs studied (testes and epididymis), and changes in male fertility parameters have been recorded. The hormone level (testosterone) has changed as well as a histological modification of the reproductive organs. Omit, these parameters have been corrected in their values due to the corrective effect of the pomegranate. In conclusion, this study demonstrated the adverse effects of Xylene exposure on reproduction, hormonal, and histological parameters. On the other hand, the pomegranate has a corrective effect on the previous parameters.






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